Good Things

Good Things was named after a monthly e-newsletter I would write to close friends and family. In addition to writing what I had been up to, I wrote about the good things to look forward to in life. I always looked forward to writing it, and felt guilty in the months when I had become too busy to write. In the back of my mind, Good Things was stored away.

As a child, I’d loved stationery. I collected it. I wrote letters all the time. I would spend a good hour at Hallmark, trying to find the card that summed up everything I wanted to say. I’d always envisioned starting up a stationery company as a creative outlet and after years of always talking about it, I took the plunge.

When it came time to name my ‘future stationery company,’ nothing immediate came to mind. Lists of word associations didn’t feel like ‘the name.’ So I thought to stop trying to think of something paper-related and just think of things I like. And that’s when Good Things was named.