The ‘Iolani School Bulletin, a quarterly publication, showcased events and news about the school, sports highlights, and alumni news. The Bulletin is sent to faculty, current students and their parents, and alumni.

During my time at SLD, I worked on 13 issues (Winter 2009–Winter 2012) of the Bulletin. When we first started working on the ISB, it was a 2-color job, using the school’s red and black colors. It forced me to be creative using varying shades of pinks, reds, and greys. The following year, when the ISB became a 4-color job, SLD unfolded a revamped design, typeface, and layout for the magazine.

The work I did for this magazine helped me grow as a designer in many ways. Our 1-month deadline forced us to be time-efficient. The similarities in articles from bulletins past made us explore new ways to present similar stories. The beautiful photos provided by the editor and alumni gave us lots of practice in masking and editing in Photoshop. In addition to preparing and queuing articles for the rest of the designers, designing and laying out articles, I aided in pre-press and file packaging, as well as supervised press checks.



Art Direction

Stacey Mills & Karyn Lau
Stacey Leong Design


‘Iolani School