The last project I worked on at Stacey Leong Design was a simple splash page for the company. Since my first day (and I’m sure even before my first day) at SLD, Stacey has kept the company website on the back burner. One of the things you learn as a designer is that you end up designing for everyone else before yourself. Stacey’s previous website was designed when she was still designing on her own, before she partnered up with Karyn Lau, and before they hired employees. Stacey wanted to showcase current company work and to direct visitors to their Facebook page. I sketched a design that would randomly feature a project when someone visited the website as a way to highlight a project and not bombard the visitor with too many projects on one page. The visitor will see one of eleven selected projects upon landing on the website (refresh the browser to view a different project).



Art Direction

Stacey Mills
Stacey Leong Design


Stacey Leong Design